2 Nice Guys can handle your pest problem so you don’t have to.

We give pest control services all through the St. Louis territory. Our group gives reliable, safe and convenient answers for any pests your home may have. We constantly endeavor to surpass our customers’ desires on each service call.

Do you have pests in your home or office? We can help!

To remove pests and creepy crawlies effectively requires the knowledge of an expert who is experienced. Locally acquired items don’t work for a wide range of pests so letting a professional handle it could be more practical. Our very prepared professionals can distinguish the best techniques for dispensing with any pest or bug.

No Contracts

Unlike most other pest control companies, we don’t require month to month expenses or require any commitments from our clients. We essentially deal with your termite or pest control issues without the problem.

No Risk

2 Nice Guys Pest Control is a licensed, insured and bonded company. You have no compelling reason to stress over the obligation issues as 2 Nice Guys is a completely protected and fortified company.

Pet & Kid Friendly

Full disclosure of products used will be provided upon request. It is important that our customers know the active ingredients that we use on-site.

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